Leisure and hiking opportunities

Trauttmansdorff Castle

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle present  plants from all around the world as well as typical South Tyrolean landscapes. Paths snake their way through water and terrace gardens and lead you through the garden of senses or to the Japanese garden, to slopes covered with cactuses and succulents or to southern crops such as olive trees or grape vines.

Tyrol Castle

The archaeological museum gives you a general view of the first settlements in the Alpine region from the 7th century BC. You can admire a still fully intact melting furnace from the Bronze Age. The circular wall, which was built around 1100, is among the oldest and best preserved castle walls and still includes parts of the battlements. The two marble portals dating back to the 12th century are rich in symbolic sculptures and are among the most original creations of Romanesque art in Tyrol. The chapel with frescoes from the 13th century offers the oldest examples of glass paintings in Tyrol and a mighty wooden sculpture representing the crucifixion scene that dates to the 14th century.

Merano and surroundings 

Merano and surroundings is one of the most manifold holiday regions of all the Alpine area. Situated at the foot of the Texel Group Nature Park and featuring mountain peaks of more than 3000 m, the basin valley of Merano is known for its mild climate and its unique Alpine and Mediterranean vegetation.